Diversified learners

Every child learns in their own way

Some children may need extra help to succeed in school. Our Lady of Lourdes is not equipped to handle all learning problems; however, we have invested in the resources to support a variety of student learning issues. If your child has a known learning disability, please let us know early in your application process so that your child can be assessed and a learning plan will be in place before starting school.

Lourdes Learning Resource Center (LRC)

A place for one-on-one and small group instruction. 

A room full of teacher resources and a place for quiet planning time.

A meeting space for teachers and parents.

Resources for parents.

Title 1 services for qualifying students in the Vancouver School District.

Who does the Learning Resource Center serve?

All students are eligible for referral to the LRC. Once assessed, teachers and parents will meet to discuss a plan for helping the child succeed in school. For example, the LRC team might recommend outside services, classroom accommodations, or a combination of the two. We believe that every student is a child of God and is deserving of an opportunity for the best Catholic education possible.

What parents are saying about the  LRC

Safe, comfortable environment with a specialized partnership to encourage learning in various channels that benefit the individual child needs.


My child is a stronger student and has more self-confidence because of all the time, effort and support that you have given her. Thank you!


I am very happy that my daughter has had the opportunity to go to the Learning Resource Center. Her reading skills are greatly improved and she has wonderful daily highlights to share every day.