What families are saying about Our Lady of Lourdes

“An exceptional community, a top-notch school. We have so enjoyed seeing OLL become a part of our family life. Such kindness, inclusion, excellence, and sincere caring at every turn.”

Molly Beauregard, Parent

“We have explored many preschool options in the area and after being at a few others, Little Blessings is by far our favorite. My daughter loves going, and I feel that she has gained some excellent skills that will be used to help her in education for the rest of her life. This school is a great value and I love that it is not a daycare, it is actually a school where they have a curriculum to help them succeed in the next years class.”

Nikki O’Neal, Parent

“My children transferred to Lourdes mid-year during the COVID pandemic when it became clear the WA public school system was not moving to get older children back to in person learning. All of the staff at Lourdes have been EXTREMELY welcoming and have gone above and beyond with a mid-year transition. If you are looking for a personalized academic experience for your child, this is the school for you. Lourdes has figured out how to keep the kids engaged, learning and safe during a pandemic. The academic program is challenging, comprehensive and is setting the students up for high school and college success. The atmosphere is friendly and inclusive. The teachers/staff are very well organized and in tune with their students.”

lourdes parent

“Not only is Our Lady of Lourdes a great school for my two kids but its a great community for our entire family. We have been part of this school/community for 4 years and every year it continues to get better. Our children are excelling not only scholastically but also socially and athletically. There is so much love and support from the staff and other families that are involved at Our Lady of Lourdes. We couldn’t think of a better place for our children to become successful.”

atom Duszynski, parent

“From the teachers and staff, to the interactions our kids have with their classmates and the opportunities they have to engage in their faith and service projects, everything about this school is geared toward helping children live up to their fullest potential. We love this school!”

Leanne Williams, Parent

“Great community to raise your children with an emphasis on service. Children work hard and care about the world around them.”

Kathleen O’Claire, Parent

“We have been at this school for over 3 years now. The school curriculum offers a wide variety of subjects which helps the children to become well rounded and knowledgeable. There is also a wonderful emphasis on service and giving back to the community. The teachers and staff are extraordinary and really have a passion and caring for each individual student. Very satisfied with the level of education provided..”

Joe fanning, parent

“”The Cooperative Problem Solving for a Sustainable Environment presentations (from OLL 7th grade) were so complete, well thought out and well done. It was very interesting and I learned from it – especially in the area of cooperative problem solving. Radical listening, CBNRM in Botswana, palm oil issues – I took notes, and will be doing some research to learn more. I love the way the audience was involved, very creative and most affective. Thank you so much for inviting me. And – as I’ve said before, if I had it all to do over again yours is the school I’d want to attend in my childhood, such a wonderful place, solid community, great learning environment.”

Ellen Ives, Educator – Sustainability and Waste Reduction, Waste Connections, Inc

“Our family cannot recommend this school enough! My daughter has thrived at Our Lady of Lourdes. We were welcomed with open arms and felt at home immediately. Quality school, quality curriculum, excellent environment. Call & set up a tour, it will be worth your time!”

Katie coop, parent